Florida is always tagged as “The Sunshine State”… because indeed it is true… but there is more to Florida than its beaches… Florida became famous in the 80’s because of the Miami Beach episode…the Baywatch series that reached as far as some parts of Asia.

Beautiful, alluring and scanty clad women passed to and fro on the television screen- remember this television series with David Hasselhoff. Then people all over the world just flocked to Florida to be in one of the world’s famous beaches in Miami. This is the power of television advertisement. The power of fame…

But Florida has more to offer than its beautiful beaches. After beach combing for days then may another activity like an adventure would be more like to your taste.

Talking of movies… have you watched the movie-The Jaws? Whoa! Indeed I am afraid of water because of unknown creatures that might harm us. Sharks in particular. Yet, one great activity is getting up close and personal with the most vicious fish specie in the water- the shark.

You can choose from the various fishing charter in the state of Florida. And get one great experience with stingray, hammerhead, tuna, marlin, wail fish, wahoo and a lot more.

Deep fishing is one wonderful activity everybody can enjoy. The whole family can come and enjoy this great adventure. I really thought that fishing is one tame activity. But being able to participate on deep fishing in Miami waters, my opinions were change. The hilarity of being able to watch live fish, swaying and struggling in front of you really raised my adrenalin.

Try deep fishing in the waters of Miami, Beach and South Beach. The charter we choose in Miami Beach was air conditioned and trained service crew. The leader of the group Andy is a world class shark catcher and had been featured in many television shows already. Scientists who were studying the behaviors of sharks go to Andy to ask for help and Andy’s opinions. Andy is an expert in charter fishing and has caught so many big fishes already. Sharks included!

This is one experience I will never exchange for anything. Now, I am planning to go back for more. Only here in Florida.